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Ted Lauchland’s small vineyard update on Brix

Ted Lauchland info on his small vineyard: Brix numbers are attached in this spreadsheet. Five varieties need to be picked this Sunday! Contact him directly. (209) 369-1266

Here is the latest: BRIX
SYRAH 1 17 15 $40 Garrett Solin; Adam & Kim Murdaugh 24.8 Pick Sunday
PETIT VERDOT 2 34 25/35 $80 Steve Herzfeldt; Dave Rose; D DeAnda 20.4 wait
TANNAT 1 17 15 $40 Mike Johnston 22 pick Sunday
PETITE SIRAH 2 38 30/35 $80 Krista Vannest; Garrett John; Erik Jackson 24.6 pick Sunday
TEMPRANILLO 3 60 110/120 $120 Tom McFadden; John Frailing 24 pick Sunday
MERLOT 1 19 10/15 $40 Dave Rose 27.2 pick Sunday
CAB FRANC 1 19 10/15 $40 Paul DeSa; Chuck Sellers, J Wilson 24.4 pick Sunday
MOUVEDRE 1 25 20 $40 Nilah Hazard; Richard Hazard 21.4 wait
MARSANNE 1 25 15/20 $40 Dave Rose
TOURIGA NACIONAL 1 25 15/20 $40 Don Norman; P.J.Rodriques 21 wait

Remember the Classified Ads!!

Hi Everyone, please remember to regularly check the Classified Ads on our site during this time of year.  There is loads of activity and people are offering things for sale or sometimes free and people are looking for things as well.  You MUST be logged in as a user of the site to see these ads so make sure you are logged in.

Click on the CLASSIFIEDS menu item or just click on this link:  Classifieds

This is a HUGE benefit of being a member of LAVA so please use this feature  actively.

Viognier and Zinfandel for sale…..see below and contact Mark Conrado

Cindy and I are NOT going to pick all of our Viognier and Zinfandel grapes. We would like to offer them to LAVA members.

I think we will have around 1,000# of Viognier. Yesterday (August 26th )it was at 25 brix. We are picking Saturday and have two options. Folks can pick Viognier themselves at $.40 per pound or we’ll pick them, crush and press. They can then buy the juice at $7 a gallon before we inoculate on Sunday afternoon.

The Zinfandel we are going to offer at $.50 a pound. I believe we will have 500# to 1,000#. Most likely closer to 500#.

Mark Conrado


Grapes for Sale?

LAVA members, do you have grapes for sale?  If so, please put the particulars on the classified section of our webpage, so members may source some grapes……

If you know of someone who has grapes for sale, please post it for them on the page.  Harvest is coming on fast, so post soon — Thanks!

Harvest Moon Homage at Macchia Winery, Sept. 11th, RSVP by Aug 31

[Thank you Ken for organizing this event for all.  I am excited to participate – John Bischoff]

Harvest Moon Homage Invitation  Please OPEN and READ this pdf……


On behalf of the board of Knights of the Vine-Lodi Chapter (KOV-Lodi), I am sending you the attached invitation. As a board member of KOV-Lodi and a member of LAVA, I have been surprised at how few members of each organization were familiar with the other.   The was created to bring the respective memberships of each group together for a night of socializing and to learn about what each organization does. The event has been well received by the boards of LAVA and KOV-Lodi.

The Harvest Moon Homage will be held at Macchia Winery on Thursday, September 11th from 6-8 pm. As you stroll about the beautiful grounds of Macchia, you will enjoy the camaraderie along with tastings of 14 wines from LAVA members paired with 14 gourmet bites prepared by KOV-Lodi members.   Sponsors are paying for the event, so the recommended $10 ticket donation will go, entirely, to the 4H Foundation.   For every $10 ticket donation you make, John and Gail Kautz, the founders of Ironstone Vineyards and Winery and members of KOV-Lodi, will give you a $20 ticket to the Ironstone Concours d’ Elegance – up to a maximum of 4 tickets.

A special “thank you” goes out to Tim and Lani Holdener of Macchia Winery.   Tim is a founding member of LAVA and their daughter, Tanya, is a member of KOV-Lodi. They have agreed to host the event, complimentary, because they value what each organization does for Lodi’s wine community.

The event will be a lot of fun. Feel free to bring a friend or family member along with you – especially if he or she is a prospective member for either group. Please note that RSVPs are due by August 31st. If you have questions, feel free to contact me by email or by calling 209-663-8834.

Thank you,

– Ken Levy

The Inaugural Bottle Shock Open Home Wine Competition is in the history books!

TBSO PNG Logo small

The Inaugural Bottle Shock Open Home Wine Competition is history and in the books. Judging results will be posted next week on our website .  A post will go to all LAVA members when available.  Words are insufficient to thank our leaders, volunteers, judges, and sponsors – we heartily and warmly want to express how grateful we are for all your participation! We could not have done it without the committment of our LAVA members.  Thanks you very much!.  The participants with wine entered will be rewarded in achievement and/or great feedback on what can be done to improve your wine (s).  Thanks Judges!

A very nice clip by news10 (abc) is a must see!