Monthly Archives: January 2015

Native Grape Cuttings

There was some interest in some cuttings from a White Seedless Eastern
grape Vitis labrusca “Himrod” that I had made a nice wine with in 2012 and brought to D’art Winery for a meeting last year. I took a Silver with the wine at the Bottle Shock. If anyone wants some contact me and let me know how many you want. I can bring them to the next meeting. I am also going to buy some steam cleaned soil and pot up 2 to a 1 gal pot for a $1.00/pot for cuttings already started.

Phylloxera resistant. American vine species (such as Vitis labrusca) have evolved to have several natural defenses against phylloxera. The roots of the American vines exude a sticky sap that repels the nymph form when it tries to feed from the vine by clogging its mouth. If the nymph is successful in creating a feeding wound on the root, American vines respond by forming a protective layer of tissue to cover the wound and protect it from secondary bacterial or fungal infections.

I don’t have to spray for mildew either, The other table grapes would never turn out very nice because I water the lawn and the high moisture would cause them to rot, not Himrod, never sprayed, never rotted.

Tom McFadden