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2015 Club Crush

To ALL the club members who have never made wine before and would like give it a try this year…….

Charlie and Mamie Starr have again generously agreed to donate Zinfandel from their vineyard to further the cause of fermenting grapes in every cellar, shed, garage, and/or spare bathroom in Lodi. If you have any hesitation to make wine because you don’t think that you are up to the challenge, come to the meeting on Thursday and we will lubricate you with some home made wine and promises of technical expertise, immoral support and twist your arm until you relent to getting your hands dirty and have fun on a challenging, creative adventure. If the wine doesn’t turn out you can always give it a second chance as a great vinegar!

That might be a little problem because ALL the wines from new members just keep getting better. Besides many experienced winemakers willing to help you out, there have been two opportunities to get anonymous feedback on newbie efforts with the annual club crush judging by LAVA members and the Bear Creek Winery organoleptic evaluation done by professional winemakers complete with laboratory analysis of your wine.

If you would like to contribute to the annual plume of CO2 wafting from Lodi by making your own wine, or you can offer to mentor someone though their first crush, contact Dany Coyne at meeting on Thursday August 20th at Heritage Oak Winery.

Depending on the response of aspiring winemakers, newer winemakers can take a place in line to try again with another varietal.

Dan Coyne