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Equipment Needs Oct 1, 2015 thru Oct 4, 2015

If you are in need of checking out equipment for your wine making between Thursday October 1, 2015 and Sunday October 4, 2015, please contact DON NORMANnot Charlie.  We do not put contact information in posts to protect our members privacy.  You can get Don’s number on the website membership list if you are logged into the system.  Otherwise email and we will make sure you get the contact info.

UP Country Zin Available NOW

From Aaron Kidder: (contact him using your membership lookup online)
I have a neighbor (1 block away from me) up here in Pioneer.  He has a small vineyard of Zinfandel.
We are at 3500 feet here (a little too high for grapes) and I asked him what possessed him to plant grapes.  Turns out it was his brother-in-law who planted them 5 years back and he bought the house from him.
Anyway – he doesn’t want to just drop the fruit so was hoping someone might be interested in making wine with it.  If so – he would “give the fruit away” in return for 1 case when done.
I just walked the vineyard, and did a sugar test.
The fruit is in good shape but not ripe yet (at around 17 brix)
It won’t make 24 and I’d guess it lucky if it makes 20 given the weather is going to start to cool here in another week or so.
That said – it might make a nice White Zin or Rose (at 20 brix)
I’m guessing around 500 lbs (maybe a little more)
Contact Aaron Kidder for more information.