Annual Food & Wine Paring Event

Every year near the end of summer the LAVA members take one of the meeting evenings to put on a Wine & Food pairing event.  The LAVA members team up to prepare a tasting menu and a wine (preferably a wine made by a member).  Each team then presents their faire and the membership strolls the grounds of the Goodman Family Winery and tastes delectable bites with a paired wine to enhance the flavors.

Below you will find the menu for the year 2012 thru 2016 along with many of the recipes.  We hope you enjoy them and try some of the recipes and wines at home or with a group.

2017 Wine Pairing Handout (7 downloads)
2016-Wine Pairing Handout (4 downloads)
2015 Wine Pairing Handout (2 downloads)
2014 Wine Pairing Handout (2 downloads)
2013 Wine Pairing Handout (1 download)
2012 Wine Pairing Handout (1 download)